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Honor Roll

General Assembly Candidates   Local Candidates

The Virginia Public Access Project would like to recognize candidates for local office who voluntarily e-file campaign finance disclosure reports with the State Board of Elections.

Name Locality Office Sought
Abbott, Sheryl Holmes Newport News City City Council
Acuff, Katherine Albemarle County School Board
Adams, Jim Hampton City Sheriff
Agelasto, Parker Camp Richmond City City Council
Akins, Travis Roanoke City Sheriff
Aliriza, Bahri Loudoun County Supervisor
Allen, Dave Madison County Supervisor
Allen, Tim Roanoke City Sheriff
Andersen, Troy Gloucester County School Board
Anderson, Bev Virginia Beach City School Board
Arney, Chris Virginia Beach City School Board
Arnold, Anthony Prince William County Supervisor
Arthur, Beth Arlington County Sheriff
Bailey, Douglas Roanoke County Supervisor
Baird, Sally Arlington County School Board
Baldwin, Jerry Chesterfield County Sheriff
Bamberg, Benjamin Franklin County School Board
Barclay, Robert C, IV Suffolk City City Council
Barney, Tony, Jr Loudoun County Supervisor
Bateman, Bert Newport News City City Council
Bele, Priscilla Newport News City Commissioner of the Revenue
Bell, Lisa Prince William County School Board
Bell, Raymond A, Jr Spotsylvania County Supervisor
Belman, Robert S Stafford County Supervisor
Benson, Hank Roanoke City City Council
Bernick, Evan Arlington County County Board
Bestpitch, Bill Roanoke City City Council
Bethel, Jane Norfolk City Mayor
Blackburn, Jerry Tazewell County Supervisor
Blackwell, Thomas Essex County Commissioner of the Revenue
Blalock, Amanada Spotsylvania County School Board
Blue, Penny Franklin County School Board
Bockes, David Wythe County Supervisor
Bohmke, Meg Stafford County Supervisor
Boll, Eric Herndon Town Council
Booz, Kelly Alexandria City School Board
Boulden, Terrence Prince William County Supervisor
Bradley, Neil Norfolk City Sheriff
Branson, Jackie Smyth County Supervisor
Brewer, Stephanie Grayson County Treasurer
Briggman, Dave Rockingham County School Board
Brown, James Charlottesville City Sheriff
Brunke, Bill Virginia Beach City School Board
Bulova, Sharon S Fairfax County Supervisor
Bulova, Sharon S Fairfax County Supervisor Chairperson
Burfoot, Anthony Norfolk City Treasurer
Burkholder, Ann Winchester City Commissioner of the Revenue
Burnett, Pricillia Newport News City School Board
Burnett, Pricillia Newport News City Sheriff
Burton, Pieri Virginia Beach City City Council
Bush, Joseph Roanoke City Sheriff
Butler, Dave Leesburg Town Council
Cabiness, James Virginia Beach City City Council
Caddigan, Maureen S Prince William County Supervisor
Campbell, Randall Bristol City Sheriff
Campbell, William Alexandria City School Board
Candland, Peter Prince William County Supervisor
Carpenter, Patricia Chesterfield County School Board
Carrico, Paula Grayson County Treasurer
Carter, Angela Appomattox County Treasurer
Cathcart, Freeda Roanoke City City Council
Chachra, Krisha Blacksburg Town Council
Chalkley, Trip Hanover County Commonwealths Attorney
Chandler, Ricky Rockingham County Supervisor
Chapman, John T Alexandria City City Council
Cherry, Paige Portsmouth City City Council
Cherry, Saundra Newport News City City Council
Chesser, Joe Fluvanna County Supervisor
Clarke, Janet Loudoun County Supervisor
Clinton, Tom Falls Church City Commissioner of the Revenue
Cocke, Beverly Henrico County School Board
Coleman, Don Richmond City School Board
Coleman, Margaret South Boston Town Council
Coleman, Robert Newport News City City Council
Collins, Bryan L Chesapeake City City Council
Connelly, Marybeth Falls Church City City Council
Conner, Douglas G, Jr Richmond City City Council
Conner, Ray Chesapeake City Commissioner of the Revenue
Cook, John Fairfax County Supervisor
Cooper, William Fairfax County Sheriff
Coyner, Carrie Chesterfield County School Board
Creasey, Ned S Goochland County Supervisor
Crewe, Robert A Gloucester County Supervisor
Curtis, Linda D Hampton City City Council
Daniel, Tammy Emporia City Treasurer
Davenport, Ben Virginia Beach City City Council
Davidson, Jeff Herndon Town Council
Davis, Roland J, Jr Chesapeake City City Council
Davis, Sean M Hanover County Supervisor
Davis, Steven Tazewell County School Board
de la Pava, Carla Arlington County Treasurer
Deeds, Bob James City County Sheriff
Delp, Erin Richmond City City Council
Diggs, Joseph York County Sheriff
Diradour, Charlie Richmond City City Council
Dittmar, Jane Desimone Albemarle County Supervisor
Dodson, Todd Botetourt County Supervisor
Driggers, James Thomas Norfolk City City Council
Drummond, Dan Fairfax City City Council
Duncan, Phil Falls Church City City Council
Edwards, Dan Virginia Beach City School Board
Egan, Irene Stafford County School Board
Ellis, James M, Jr Hanover County Supervisor
Elmore, Jim Rockingham County School Board
Elswick, Steve Chesterfield County Supervisor
Embree, Joseph Frederick County Sheriff
Euille, Bill Alexandria City Mayor
Evans-Haywood, Chaz Rockingham County Clerk of Circuit Court
Falk, Christopher Chesapeake City Commonwealths Attorney
Falwell, Charles Campbell County Supervisor
Fannon, Frank H, IV Alexandria City City Council
Fawcett, Roger W Suffolk City City Council
Feigum, Trudy Middlesex County Supervisor
Felton, Sharon Virginia Beach City School Board
Fenwick, Bob Charlottesville City City Council
Ferris, Ray Roanoke City City Council
Fisette, Jay Arlington County County Board
Foster, Joan Lynchburg City City Council
Foust, John Fairfax County Supervisor
Fraim, Paul Norfolk City Mayor
Fraley, Jack L, Jr James City County Supervisor
Franklin, Elizabeth Fluvanna County Supervisor
Franusich, David Christiansburg Town Council
Freshour, Michael Halifax County Commonwealths Attorney
Frey, John Fairfax County Clerk of Circuit Court
Frey, Michael Fairfax County Supervisor
Frye, Terry Bristol City Commissioner of the Revenue
Fuentes, Joe James City County School Board
Gallaway, Ned Albemarle County School Board
Garrett, Jim Roanoke City City Council
Garvey, Elizabeth T Arlington County County Board
Gear, Tom Hampton City City Council
Geduldig-Yatrofsky, Mark A Portsmouth City Mayor
Gillette, Alice Appomattox County Treasurer
Girard, Rita Fredericksburg City Treasurer
Goldberg, Don Suffolk City City Council
Goldman, Paul Richmond City Mayor
Goodson, Bruce James City County Commissioner of the Revenue
Gorg, Brian Fauquier County School Board
Graf, Karen Alexandria City School Board
Granger, Christopher N Fauquier County Supervisor
Gravely, Harry Martinsville City Commonwealths Attorney
Gray, Kim Richmond City School Board
Graziano, Kathy Richmond City City Council
Greeley, Greg Arlington County School Board
Greenlaw, Mary Katherine Fredericksburg City Mayor
Grisafe, Chris Fairfax County Supervisor
Gross, Penelope A Fairfax County Supervisor
Gwaltney, Larry Hampton City City Council
Haga, Robert Grayson County Treasurer
Hall, Raymond Grayson County Treasurer
Hamilton, Brenda Roanoke City Clerk of Circuit Court
Hammler, Katie Leesburg Town Council
Hammond, Denise Essex County School Board
Handly, Paul Falls Church City City Council
Harding, Chip Albemarle County Sheriff
Harris, Roger Spotsylvania County Sheriff
Harris, Thomas Hanover County Commissioner of the Revenue
Hawkins, Phillip, Jr. Norfolk City City Council
Hayes, Cliff E Chesapeake City City Council
Haynes, Joey Carroll County School Board
Haynie, Bonnie Lancaster County Treasurer
Hazard, Holly Stafford County School Board
Hazzard, Wayne T Hanover County Supervisor
Henley, Barbara Virginia Beach City City Council
Herring, Michael Richmond City Commonwealths Attorney
Herring, William Stafford County School Board
Herrity, Patrick S Fairfax County Supervisor
Hieatt, Brian Tazewell County Sheriff
Higgs, Paul Fredericksburg City Sheriff
High, Michael J Prince William County Supervisor
Hill, Tina Isle of Wight County School Board
Hines, David Hanover County Sheriff
Hipple, Michael, Sr James City County Supervisor
Hirons, Charles Stafford County School Board
Holland, James M Chesterfield County Supervisor
Holmes, Kerry Suffolk City City Council
Holtz, Dottie Virginia Beach City School Board
Horbal, Joe Chesterfield County Commissioner of the Revenue
Howze, Alan Arlington County County Board
Hudgins, Catherine Martin Fairfax County Supervisor
Hudson, Jody Mathews County Clerk of Circuit Court
Hughes, Alicia Alexandria City City Council
Hunter, Eric W, Sr Richmond City City Council
Hutchinson, Connie Herndon Town Council
Hutson, Chris Gloucester County Supervisor
Hyland, Gerald W Fairfax County Supervisor
Hynes, Mary Hughes Arlington County County Board
Hynes, Pat Fairfax County School Board
Icenhour, James O, Jr. James City County Supervisor
Ike, Robert Clifton, Jr Chesapeake City City Council
Ingram, Angela Mathews County Clerk of Circuit Court
Irving, Antionette Richmond City Sheriff
Irwin, Katherine Grayson County Supervisor
Jackson, Michael Chesterfield County School Board
Jackson, Patricia A Hanover County Supervisor
Jaeckle, Dorothy Chesterfield County Supervisor
Jenkins, John Prince William County Supervisor
Jessie, Lillie Prince William County School Board
Jett, Charles Stafford County Sheriff
Johnson, Charles Suffolk City Sheriff
Johnson, Inman Prince William County School Board
Johnson, Jason Bedford County School Board
Johnson, Mamie Norfolk City City Council
Johnson, Octavia Roanoke City Sheriff
Jonas, Melissa Herndon Town Council
Jones, Beth Powhatan County Clerk of Circuit Court
Jones, Derik Richmond City School Board
Jones, Dwight C Richmond City Mayor
Jones, Glen Norfolk City City Council
Jones, Mary James City County Supervisor
Jones, Sean Norfolk City Sheriff
Jordan, Rodney Alan Norfolk City City Council
Kane, Shannon Virginia Beach City City Council
Kanninen, Barbara Arlington County School Board
Kapsis, Stephanie Alexandria City School Board
Kaufax, Tamara Fairfax County School Board
Kaye, Cathy Falls Church City Treasurer
Keating, Justin Alexandria City School Board
Keen, Steven Prince William County School Board
Kelly, Jim James City County School Board
Kelly, Mark David Arlington County County Board
Kelly, Suzy Chesapeake City City Council
Kelly-Wiecek, Angela C Hanover County Supervisor
Kenney, Shaun Fluvanna County Supervisor
Kincaid, Stacey Fairfax County Sheriff
Kitta, Mark Stafford County School Board
Krasnoff, Alan P Chesapeake City Mayor
Kuesters, Kevin Loudoun County School Board
LaJeunessa, Robert Falls Church City City Council
Lander, James Arlington County School Board
Lang, Brian Roanoke County Supervisor
Larimer, David Tazewell County Treasurer
Larson, Kristen Richmond City School Board
Larson, Ruth James City County School Board
LaRue, Gay Hampton City City Council
Lascolette, Susan Goochland County Supervisor
Law, Neely Leesburg Town Council
Lawhorne, Dana Alexandria City Sheriff
Lawson, Jeanine M Prince William County Supervisor
Leads, Jon Manassas City City Council
LeBoeuf, Robert Middlesex County Supervisor
Lehr, Joan Purcellville Town Council
Leonard, Karl Chesterfield County Sheriff
Letourneau, Matt Loudoun County Supervisor
Lewis, Chris Alexandria City School Board
Lincoln-Richardson, Melinda James City County School Board
Littrell, Thomas Carroll County Supervisor
LoBuglio, John King George County Supervisor
Lovain, Timothy Bertil Alexandria City City Council
Lucas, Mark S Roanoke City Mayor
Mallek, Ann Albemarle County Supervisor
Maloney, Joy Loudoun County School Board
Malouf, Roger Roanoke City City Council
Malouf, Roger Roanoke City Commissioner of the Revenue
Malulani, Leanne Culpeper County School Board
Marston, Chris Alexandria City Clerk of Circuit Court
Martin, Brad Virginia Beach City City Council
Martin, Tracy Halifax County Commonwealths Attorney
Matheson, Scott Chesapeake City City Council
May, Michael Prince William County Supervisor
Mayausky, Scott Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue
McCabe, Robert Norfolk City Sheriff
McConville, Patrick Purcellville Town Council
McDonald, Joel Virginia Beach City School Board
McDonald, Sharon Norfolk City Commissioner of the Revenue
McDonnell, James Norfolk City Treasurer
McElveen, Ryan Fairfax County School Board
McGhee, Kevin Madison County Supervisor
McGlennon, John J James City County Supervisor
McKay, Jeffrey C Fairfax County Supervisor
McKeel, Diantha H Albemarle County Supervisor
McKeever, Jennifer Charlottesville City School Board
McLaughlin, Megan Fairfax County School Board
McLeod, Ashley Virginia Beach City School Board
McQuigg, Michele Prince William County Clerk of Circuit Court
Meeks, Danny W Portsmouth City City Council
Melatti, Bobby Virginia Beach City School Board
Merkel, Lisa Fairfax County Mayor
Merritt, Jennifer Bedford County School Board
Meyer, David Fairfax City City Council
Meyer, James Spotsylvania County School Board
Meyer, John Charles, Jr Gloucester County Supervisor
Mickle, Marcia Jane Gloucester County Supervisor
Mincey, Jermaine Arnez Alexandria City City Council
Moffett, Will Hampton City City Council
Moir, Nancy Tazewell County School Board
Mondul, Mike Danville City Sheriff
Morris, Helen Alexandria City School Board
Morris, Jason Chesapeake City City Council
Morrogh, Ray Fairfax County Commonwealths Attorney
Muhammad, Michael Norfolk City Mayor
Muhammed, Shonda Richmond City School Board
Murch, Benjamin Campbell County Supervisor
Nave, John Purcellville Town Council
Nelson, Tyrone Henrico County Supervisor
Newell, Tacy Montgomery County Supervisor
Nohe, Martin E Prince William County Supervisor
O'Bannon, Pat Henrico County Supervisor
O'Brien, Tony Fluvanna County Supervisor
Olem, Sheila Herndon Town Council
Olsen, Eric Stafford County Commonwealths Attorney
Olsen, Robert Chesterfield County School Board
Onizuk, Kevin James City County Supervisor
Osburn, Charles Emporia City Treasurer
Otaigbe, Michael Prince William County School Board
Ottofaro, Frank Joseph, Jr Hampton City Mayor
Page, Dawn C Richmond City City Council
Palmer, Lizbeth Albemarle County Supervisor
Pantele, William J Richmond City Mayor
Pantele, William J Richmond City City Council
Parr, Nancy Chesapeake City Commonwealths Attorney
Pattie, Marshall Augusta County Supervisor
Peterson, Ken Goochland County Supervisor
Peterson, W Canova Hanover County Supervisor
Pettitt, Dianne Chesterfield County School Board
Pieron, Tyler Louisa County School Board
Plowman, Jim Loudoun County Commonwealths Attorney
Pond, Jennifer Suffolk City Sheriff
Porter, Bryan Alexandria City Commonwealths Attorney
Poston, Evans Norfolk City Commissioner of the Revenue
Powell, Mike Roanoke City City Council
Powers, Evelyn Roanoke City Treasurer
Price, Anita J Roanoke City City Council
Price, McKinley Newport News City Mayor
Price, Nicole Washington County Commonwealths Attorney
Principi, Frank Prince William County Supervisor
Proffitt, Dennis Chesterfield County Sheriff
Proffitt, Victoria Chesapeake City School Board
Protogyrou, Andy Norfolk City City Council
Pruitt, Michael Franklin County School Board
Puckett, James Campbell County Supervisor
Randolph, Steve Virginia Beach City School Board
Records, Charles Gloucester County School Board
Reed, Patty Fairfax County School Board
Reid, Ken Loudoun County Supervisor
Reynolds, Helen Dumfries Town Council
Reynolds, Tuan Roanoke City City Council
Rishell, Jeanette Manassas Park City City Council
Rivera, Robert Fairfax County Sheriff
Roberts, Garland Tazewell County Supervisor
Rooker, Dennis S Albemarle County Supervisor
Rose, Debbie Loudoun County School Board
Ross-Hammond, Amelia Nancy Virginia Beach City City Council
Rousseau, Michael Campbell County Supervisor
Ruble, Daniel Washington County School Board
Ryland, William Prince William County Clerk of Circuit Court
Satterwhite, Alyson Prince William County School Board
Savage, Rich Richmond City School Board
Schmidt, Ellie Fairfax City City Council
Scibilia, William Fairfax City Treasurer
Scott, Emily Garnett Shenandoah County Supervisor
Sealock, Mara Lynne Stafford County Supervisor
Seay, Phillip Albemarle County Supervisor
Sellers, Laura A Stafford County Supervisor
Sellers, Theresa M Hampton City City Council
Sessoms, Will Virginia Beach City Mayor
Sheffield, Brad Albemarle County Supervisor
Sherbeyn, Lee Fauquier County Supervisor
Sheridan, Brenda Loudoun County School Board
Sichol, Julia Westmoreland County Commonwealths Attorney
Silberberg, Allison Alexandria City City Council
Silverthorne, Scott Fairfax City Mayor
Simonds, Shelly Newport News City School Board
Small, Jeff Fredericksburg City Clerk of Circuit Court
Smedberg, Paul Connors Alexandria City City Council
Smigiel, Tommy Norfolk City City Council
Smith, Dianne Chesterfield County School Board
Smith, Kathy Fairfax County School Board
Smith, Lessie Chesapeake City Sheriff
Smith, Rhonnie Lynchburg City City Council
Smyth, Linda Fairfax County Supervisor
Snead, Chris Hampton City City Council
Snyder, David Falls Church City City Council
Spencer, Brian Carroll County School Board
Spickard, Rodney Botetourt County Commissioner of the Revenue
Spruill, Lionell, Jr Norfolk City City Council
Stamos, Theo Arlington County Commonwealths Attorney
Stehle, Jon R, Jr Fairfax City City Council
Sterling, Cord A Stafford County Supervisor
Stevens, John Loudoun County School Board
Stevens, Jonathan Charlottesville City Commissioner of the Revenue
Stewart, Corey A Prince William County Supervisor Chairperson
Stodghill, Jeff Newport News City School Board
Stolle, Colin Virginia Beach City Commonwealths Attorney
Stolle, Kenneth W Virginia Beach City Sheriff
Storck, Daniel Fairfax County School Board
Strong, Mary Richlands Town Council
Stuart, Chris Hampton City City Council
Sturtevant, Glen Richmond City School Board
Swaney, Ron Fredericksburg City Sheriff
Swayne, Nick Harrisonburg City School Board
Szakos, Kristin Layng Charlottesville City City Council
Sze, Daniel Falls Church City City Council
Taylor, Shannon L Henrico County Commonwealths Attorney
Tengco, Leonard Virginia Beach City School Board
Thomas, Cord Arlington County County Board
Thomas, Robert Michael, Jr Stafford County Supervisor
Thomas, Rodney Albemarle County Supervisor
Thomas, Tara Gloucester County Treasurer
Trampe, Paul Spotsylvania County Supervisor
Trenum, Gil Prince William County School Board
Turpin, Gregory Virginia Beach City Commonwealths Attorney
Tweedy, Treney Lynchburg City City Council
Tyler, Bruce Warren Richmond City City Council
Underwood, Greg Norfolk City Commonwealths Attorney
Underwood, Keven Newport News City City Council
Van Doren, Nancy Arlington County School Board
Vandever, Jason Charlottesville City Treasurer
Vantree-Keller, Dee Hampton City Commonwealths Attorney
Velkoff, Ted Fairfax County School Board
Via, George E Hanover County Supervisor
Vihstadt, John Arlington County County Board
Walker, Tony Roanoke City City Council
Walton, Joseph B Powhatan County Supervisor
Ward, Ella Chesapeake City City Council
Warren, Darrell Gloucester County Sheriff
Watson, Reinhardt Caroline County Supervisor
Wavro, Matthew A Arlington County County Board
Webb, Lawrence Falls Church City School Board
Webb, Lawrence Falls Church City City Council
Weisenburger, John Bristol City Sheriff
Wells, Norman Newport News City Sheriff
Wertz, Bob Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue
Whibley, Theresa Norfolk City City Council
Wilcox, Tanya Fauquier County Treasurer
Wilkerson, Steve Bedford County Supervisor
Williams, Angelia Norfolk City City Council
Williams, David Powhatan County Supervisor
Williams, Loree Prince William County School Board
Williams, Marc Alexandria City School Board
Williams, Robert Hampton City Treasurer
Williams, Shawn M Loudoun County Supervisor
Williamson, John Botetourt County Supervisor
Wilson, Justin Alexandria City City Council
Winn, Barclay Norfolk City City Council
Winston, Michael Roanoke County Sheriff
Wiseley, Amanda Shenandoah County Commonwealths Attorney
Wolf, Grace Herndon Town Council
Wolfe, Bryan Fairfax County Sheriff
Wolfe, Sheryl Fauquier County School Board
Wood, Jim Virginia Beach City City Council
Woody, Clarence Richmond City Sheriff
Wooten, Mike Prince William County School Board
Wright, John, III James City County Supervisor
Wright, Kenneth Irvin Portsmouth City Mayor
Wright, Kevin Leesburg Town Council
Wyman, David Chesterfield County School Board
Yeung, Renalda Stafford County School Board
York, Scott Loudoun County Supervisor Chairperson
Zehr, Eric Campbell County Supervisor
Ziglar, Joan Martinsville City Commonwealths Attorney