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Bob McDonnell

Bob McDonnell

Bob McDonnell was elected Governor of Virginia in 2009. His term will run from January 2010 to January 2014.


Statement of Economic Interests: Gifts and Payments for Meetings/Publications

Events/gifts/trips valued at more than $50 reported during calendar year 2011 reported on Schedules D1 and E of the Statement of Economic Interests by Bob McDonnell:

Value Name
$12,322 Alexander B McMurtrie, Jr
$8,326 MVM Inc
$4,028 ITT Defense & Info Solutions
$4,026 Amerigroup Corp
$3,000 Barboursville Vineyards
$2,544 Raymond B Bottom, Jr
$2,268 Jonnie R Williams, Sr
$2,205 University of Notre Dame
$2,148 Helo Air
$2,120 Alpha Natural Resources
$1,892 Delta Star Inc
$1,105 University of Virginia
$800 Capital One
$690 Dominion
$665 J Crew
$640 State Fair of Va
$525 Kim Maloney
$450 Kennedy Center
$425 Norfolk Southern Corp
$419 Matthew LeBretton
$350 Samsung
$325 Shanghai ZhenHua Heavy Industries
$320 Richmond Ballet
$270 Jam Theatricals
$250 McLean Hotel LLC
$250 Canon
$250 Bookbinders Restaurant
$250 Christ University
$250 Ofra Stauss
$230 Gyeonggi Province
$225 House Republican Campaign Committee
$225 Tien Jing Group
$150 Smithfield Foods
$150 FOSUN
$100 China Northern Railway
$100 China Ocean Shipping Group
$100 APP Corp
$100 Sumitomo Kato
$100 Bruce L Thompson
$100 Technocraft
$100 ZIM
$100 Minds in Motion
$95 Audrey Marks
$75 China Communications
$75 MHI
$75 K Line Lunch
$75 Infosys
$75 Quest Global Engineering
$75 Gilat Satellite
$65 Martin D Brown

Events/gifts to Bob McDonnell as listed on the most recent lobbyist disclosures.

Caution should be taken when trying to compare events/gifts reported by candidates and those reported by lobbyists. Disclosures by legislators — due each January — cover the previous calendar year. Disclosures by lobbyists — due each July — cover May of the previous year through the following April.