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Janet Howell

Janet Howell

Janet D. Howell has served in the Virginia Senate since 1992.


Statement of Economic Interests: Securities, Mutual Funds, Investments

Janet Howell reported the following investments:

Investment Type Value
Apple Inc Stock
Champlain Investment Partners Mutual Fund - MidCap Fund
Cisco Systems Inc. Stock
City of Hampton Bond - Ref Pub 60 Bond
City of Roanoke Bond - General Obligation Bond
City of Virginia Beach Bond - General Obligation Bond
City of Virginia Beach Bond - 5/15 Bond
Commonwealth of Va Bond - Public School Authority
EMC Corp Stock
Emerson Electric Stock
Franklin Templeton Investments Mutual Fund - Emerging Market Debt Fund
Google Stock
Home Depot Stock
iShares Mutual Fund - All Country Asia Ex-Japan
iShares Mutual Fund - MSCI Australia
iShares Mutual Fund - MSCI Canada
iShares Mutual Fund - Russell 3000 Index
iShares Mutual Fund - S&P Latin America 40
Johnson & Johnson Stock
JP Morgan Chase Stock
Market Vectors Mutual Fund - Agribusiness
Market Vectors Mutual Fund - Gold Miners ETF
Occidental Petroleum Corp Stock
Parker-Hannifin Stock
Pepsi-Cola Co Stock
Powershares Mutual Fund - DB Agirculture
Powershares Mutual Fund - Water Resources
Powershares Mutual Fund - Ultra Short 20 Yr Treasury
Procter & Gamble Stock
Schlumberger Oilfield Services Stock
SPDR Mutual Fund - ETF Trust
SPDR Mutual Fund - MidCap 400 ETF Trust
The Arbitrage Fund Mutual Fund
The Merges Fund Mutual Fund
Tortoise Energy Stock
US Commodity Funds LLC Mutual Fund - US 12 Month Oil Index Fund
Va Heritage Bank Stock
Vanguard Mutual Fund - Emerging Markets ETF
Vanguard Mutual Fund - Intermediate Term Investment Grade
Vanguard Mutual Fund - IntermediateTerm Bond Index
WalMart Stores Inc Stock