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Liberty Now

Location: Henrico

Candidates Associated with this Committee:

Ken Cuccinelli formed Liberty Now in March 2010 to support his political activities and elect Republican candidates.

From through

Money In: Top Donors

$5,000 Allen Allen Allen & Allen (Richmond)

Money Out: Expenses by Category

List above excludes money transferred from other committees controlled by the candidate.

Contact Information

Liberty Now
PO Box 71596
Henrico, VA 23255

Registration Date: 03/26/2010
Committee Type: State PAC
Status: Closed
Official Name: Liberty Now
Party Affiliation: Republican

Candidates this PAC Supports/Opposes:

Initial Registered Officers of this Committee:

  • John G Selph (Treasurer)

METHODOLOGY: Information on this page is derived from campaign finance reports filed by Liberty Now. The most recent information available for this committee is current through September 30, 2013.

The pie chart showing expenses is based on expenditure codes assigned by VPAP staff, who rely upon the descriptions included in the committee's disclosure reports.