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Va Anti-Shariah Task Force

Location: Alexandria

The mission of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force is to oppose the implementation of "radical, barbaric and anti-Constitutional" Shariah law in Virginia

Account Balance

Cash on Hand (as of 09/30/2011) $0

Contact Information

Va Anti-Shariah Task Force
4100 David Ln
Alexandria, VA 22311

Registration Date: 07/15/2011
Committee Type: State PAC
Status: Open
Official Name: Va Anti-Shariah Task Force

Candidates this PAC Supports/Opposes:

Initial Registered Officers of this Committee:

  • James Lafferty (Treasurer)

METHODOLOGY: The most recent information available for this committee is current through September 30, 2011.

“Money In: Top Donors” is derived from campaign finance reports filed by Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force PAC. The donor list on this page may not be complete. VPAP processes only transactions from donors who gave $500 or more in a year from 2005-07 and $250 or more a year starting in 2008. A more complete list of donors may be available from State Board of Elections.

The “Money Out: Partisan Breakdown” were not derived from campaign finance reports filed by Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force PAC. Instead, the “Money Out” list represents the amounts reported by the recipients. As a result, this list may not be complete as it does not include donations to federal candidates and local candidates that VPAP does not track.

For recipient committees, information is current as of the following dates:

House of Delegates06/30/2014
State Senate06/30/2014
Gov., Lt. Gov., Attorney General06/30/2014
Political Party Committees 09/30/2014
Board of Supervisors10/22/2014
City Council10/22/2014

This committee has reported no itemized contributions or expenses.