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Cuccinelli for Governor - Ken

Location: Springfield

Candidates Associated with this Committee:

All receipts reported by Cuccinelli for Governor - Ken
from Republican Governors Assn

Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Republican - National Committees

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Contributions Totaling $8,066,767

Amount Date Description
$1,034,556 08/19/2013 In-kind donation: Media Buy
$1,000,000 03/29/2013 Itemized cash contribution
$1,000,000 05/08/2013 Itemized cash contribution
$1,000,000 09/04/2013 Itemized cash contribution
$989,500 08/13/2013 In-kind donation: Media Buy
$717,561 07/22/2013 In-kind donation: Media Buy
$705,793 07/31/2013 In-kind donation: Media buy
$500,000 10/10/2013 Itemized cash contribution
$470,000 10/04/2013 Itemized cash contribution
$198,450 07/09/2013 In-kind donation: Micro-Targeting
$125,000 11/01/2013 In-kind donation: Media Buy
$84,144 10/04/2013 In-kind donation: Polling
$76,036 08/26/2013 In-kind donation: Online Advertising
$43,500 09/04/2013 In-kind donation: Polling
$36,576 10/04/2013 In-kind donation: Focus Groups
$27,400 10/10/2013 In-kind donation: Polling
$15,274 11/01/2013 In-kind donation: Travel
$14,509 10/04/2013 In-kind donation: Ad Production
$10,236 10/29/2013 In-kind donation: Airfare
$9,935 07/31/2013 In-kind donation: Advertising Production
$7,716 07/31/2013 In-kind donation: Advertising Production
$492 08/19/2013 In-kind donation: Ad Production
$89 07/22/2013 In-kind donation: Volunteer Lunch

METHODOLOGY: Donations listed on this page were taken from campaign finance reports filed by Ken Cuccinelli for Governor. Information is current through December 31, 2013, the most recent available. The list information includes changes made in amended reports that may have been submitted by Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

Virginia law requires committees to disclose names of any donor who gives more than $100 in an election cycle. Smaller amounts may indicate the donor gave a small donation after breaking the disclosure threshold. Because Virginia law allows committees to accept donations of $100 or less without listing a contributor’s name, it is possible that some contributors have donated up to $100 more than the amounts shown.