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Dumler for Albemarle County Board of Supervisors - Chris

Location: Scottsville

Candidates Associated with this Committee:

All receipts reported by Dumler for Albemarle County Board of Supervisors - Chris

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Amount Name Location
$20,000 Hunter Lewis Crozet
$10,000 Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff Crozet
$5,000 John R Grisham North Garden
$5,000 Silvercrest Asset Management Group Charlottesville
$3,153 Albemarle Forward PAC Charlottesville
$3,000 Democratic Road Back PAC Charlottesville
$3,000 Kay Leigh Ferguson Charlottesville
$2,500 William A Edgerton Charlottesville
$2,500 Molly G Hardie Charlottesville
$2,500 Monticello Business Alliance Charlottesville
$2,000 Democratic Party - Albemarle County Charlottesville
$2,000 Payne Ross & Associates Inc Charlottesville
$1,604 Dolores M Rogers Scottsville
$1,000 Robert S Capon Charlottesville
$1,000 Peter G Hallock, Jr Keswick
$1,000 Janet H Miller Charlottesville
$1,000 Marie Woodward Charlottesville
$750 Vivian Browning Sarasota, FL
$750 Bruce Reynolds Charlottesville
$635 Giovanni Hashimoto Orange
$635 Lonnie Murray Afton
$555 ALC Copies Charlottesville
$500 Richard J Brewer, Jr Charlottesville
$500 Democratic Party - 5th Congressional District Charlottesville
$500 Thomas H Foster-Jones Earlysville
$500 Paige McGrath Charlottesville
$400 Fred W Hudson Free Union
$350 W Clyde Gouldman Charlottesville
$350 Susan K Payne Charlottesville
$300 Francis H Fife Charlottesville
$300 Nancy Gill Scottsville
$300 Valerie L'Herrou Richmond
$251 Sneathern LHospital Charlottesville
$250 Richard J Brewer Charlottesville
$250 Henry Brevy "Brevy" Cannon, IV Charlottesville
$250 John Dumler Stone Mountain, GA
$250 Diana Foster-Jones Earlysville
$250 Ty Grisham North Garden
$250 Carol Johnston Charlottesville
$250 Jason Johnston Charlottesville
$250 Stuart M Lowson Charlottesville
$250 Lucia B Phinney North Garden
$250 David Slutzky Charlottesville
$250 Eric J Strucko Charlottesville
$250 Christopher L Yates Scottsville
$205 Ashleigh Rose Crocker Keswick
$200 Dianna B Abbott Free Union
$200 Constance Brennan Faber
$200 Jennifer S Gaden Charlottesville
$200 Valerie L Herrow North Garden

METHODOLOGY: Donations listed on this page were taken from campaign finance reports filed by Dumler for Albemarle County Board of Supervisors - Chris. The list is current through June 30, 2013, the most recent information available. Virginia law requires committees to disclose names of any donor who gives more than $100 in an election cycle. Smaller amounts may indicate the donor gave a small donation after breaking the disclosure threshold. Because Virginia law allows committees to accept donations of $100 or less without listing a contributor’s name, it is possible that some contributors have donated up to $100 more than the amounts listed.