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Top Donors

Public officials must provide an annual accounting of any personal gift, travel or honorarium valued at more than $50 that they accepted from anyone other than family and friends. These personal gifts and travel are not considered campaign contributions.

The following list is from personal finance disclosure statements that legislative and statewide elected officials must submit each January and that candidates for state office must submit to qualify for the ballot.

State Candidates:
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Value Donor
$125 Golden Living
$125 Massey Cancer Center
$125 Nova Community College Foundation
$125 Va Funeral Directors Assn
$125 Va Society of Anesthesiologists
$122 Kraft Foods Group Inc
$120 YMCA - Richmond Downtown
$118 Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
$112 Whitehead Consulting
$103 Genworth Financial
$102 Chesapeake Regional Medical Center
$100 APP Corp
$100 China Northern Railway
$100 China Ocean Shipping Group
$100 Col Roger D Cole
$100 FISH Fling
$100 Gateway Virginia Region
$100 International Cooperating Ministries
$100 Sumitomo Kato
$100 L Louise Lucas
$100 Minds in Motion
$100 Nauticus
$100 Northrop Grumman
$100 William Roscoe Reynolds
$100 Technocraft
$100 Bruce L Thompson
$100 Titan America
$100 Va Museum of Fine Arts
$100 ZIM
$98 Kool Smiles
$95 Audrey Marks
$90 College of William & Mary
$90 Edward S Garcia
$86 Assn of Electric Cooperatives
$80 Albers & Co
$80 Augusta Health
$80 State & Federal Communications
$79 GlaxoSmithKline
$75 Bristol School Board
$75 China Communications
$75 Gilat Satellite
$75 Infosys
$75 Jewelry by Design
$75 K Line Lunch
$75 Macaulay & Burtch
$75 McGeorge Toyota
$75 MHI
$75 Propeller Club of the US Port of Norfolk
$75 Quest Global Engineering
$75 Sweet Briar College