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Augusta County

Party Performance:
US President - 2012 General Election (11/06/2012)

70% Romney
28% Obama

Top Donors from Augusta County

$32,500 Hanger for Senate - Emmett
$21,500 Landes for Delegate - Steven
$2,000 Blosser, Gary G
$1,721 Republican Party - Augusta County
$1,110 Barren Ridge Vineyards
$1,010 Bigelow, William C
$1,000 Hershey, Gerald
$1,000 Sheets, Peggy
$1,000 Shenandoah Nursing Home
$1,000 Stevenson, Minnie E

VPAP does not track money raised by candidates for local office in Augusta County.
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Population: 73,750 (from 2010 Census)
Registered voters: 43,659 (As of 03/25/2011)

General Assembly Districts

House of Delegates District 20
  (Incumbent: Dickie Bell)
House of Delegates District 24
  (Incumbent: Ben Cline)
House of Delegates District 25
  (Incumbent: Steve Landes)
State Senate District 24
  (Incumbent: Emmett Hanger)
US House of Representatives District 6
  (Incumbent: )