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Bills Listed

Though not required to do so, many lobbyists itemize the bills that they sought to pass or defeat. The list below does not include all bills introduced in a specific General Assembly session, but only those bills listed in lobbyist disclosure reports. For a complete list of bills, visit RichmondSunlight

House of Delegates    Senate
HB10 BPOL tax; maximum fee and tax rates established by a locality.
HB111 Small business job creation tax credit; creates credit for those creating new full-time jobs.
HB129 Electric utilities; purchases from net metering sellers.
HB168 Campaign practices; final disposition of surplus funds by General Assembly members.
HB191 Small businesses; tax credit for those hiring graduates of Virginia's colleges and universities.
HB208 Virginia Retirement System; retirees hired as school board security personnel.
HB259 House of Delegates Districts; technical adjustments in boundaries.
HB334 Public Procurement Act; bid match preference for State businesses.
HB342 Deer or bear; person whose property may be damaged is authorized to kill.
HB345 Dietitians; requires Board of Medicine to promulgate regulations for licensure.
HB549 Child support arrearages; publication of names.
HB697 Higher educational institutions; mental health policies.
HB707 Funeral protests; penalty.
HB709 Motor vehicle insurance; medical expense benefits, assignments.
HB918 Medicaid; appeals of agency determinations. Regarding overpayments.
HB980 Health insurance; time limit on submitting claims.
HB1079 Cigarette tax; prohibits locality from restricting owner from transferring stamped cigarettes.
HB1125 Dead bodies; requires court authorization for locality to pay reasonable expenses for disposition.
HB1138 Civil remedies; use of depositions.
HB1190 Workers' compensation; injured employee's choice of pharmacy providers shall not be restricted.
HB1242 Dangerous wild animals; Class 1 misdemeanor to privately possess, sell, transfer, etc.
HB1267 Income tax, corporate; combined reporting requirements.
HB1289 Impaired health care providers; amends definition of impairment.
HB1302 Tolling fees; prevents VDOT from charging monthly fees for payment program and its transponders.
HB1303 Small businesses; tax credit for hiring graduates of Virginia's public colleges and universities.
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Bills Listed Most Often
in Lobbyist Disclosure Reports

  • HB1500: 46 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Budget Bill.
  • HB2313: 32 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Revenues and appropriations of State; changes to revenues collected and distribution, report.
  • SB800: 27 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Budget Bill.
  • SB717: 16 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Sources of revenue; establishing and adjusting for appropriations of State and its localities.
  • HB1422: 13 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Interchangeable biosimilar biological products; permits pharmacists to dispense, etc.
  • HB1612: 12 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Workers' compensation; fee schedule for medical care services and prompt payment.
  • SB797: 11 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Electric utilities; advanced meters.
  • SB816: 11 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Payment of wages to employees; requires employers to maintain and preserve certain records.
  • HB1771: 11 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Gas severance taxes, local; validation of coal & gas severance tax & road improvement tax ordinance.
  • SB1111: 10 mentions DESCRIPTION
    Gas severance taxes, local; validation of coal & gas severance tax & road improvement tax ordinance.

Information on this page comes from public documents on file with the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.