Donations from Transportation

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Amount Donor
$655,681 Auto Dealers
$292,244 Ports/Shippping
$268,175 Railroads
$220,057 Private Highway Companies
$129,527 Miscellaneous Transportation
$127,783 Trucking/Logistics
$122,274 Auto Manufacturers
$120,767 Auto Supplies/Repair
$73,709 Air Transport
$73,469 Boat Dealers/Marinas
$72,947 Warehouse/Moving Companies
$38,367 Taxi/Limo
$12,250 Rental Cars

METHODOLOGY: VPAP excludes certain receipts in its calculations for top donors. These exclusions are transfers between committees controlled by one candidate and contributions from a committee to itself. For these reasons, the amounts presented on this page may differ from what is displayed on a specific donor's profile page.