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Friday, October 31, 2014

  1. Cuts in public safety prompt legislators to eye ABC for more revenue
    By MICHAEL MARTZ, Richmond Times-Dispatch
  2. Virginia health care safety net breaking, leaders say
    By TRAVIS FAIN, Daily Press
  3. A Fight is in the Offing on Ethics Reform
    News & Advance Editorial
  4. McDonnell team sought mistrial over juror’s ouster, expressed concern about alternate
    By MATT ZAPOTOSKY, Washington Post
  5. McAuliffe sees 'no contamination issues' at Wallops Island
    By JIM NOLAN, Richmond Times-Dispatch
  6. A (Yes) Culinary Road Trip Through Appalachia
    By MELANIE D.G. KAPLAN, Wall Street Journal
  7. Transcript details juror's dismissal from McDonnells' trial
    By FRANK GREEN, Richmond Times-Dispatch
  8. New regulations likely for small day cares in Virginia
    By TRAVIS FAIN, Daily Press
  9. For Arlington County Board and school board
    Washington Post Editorial
  10. Virginia DOE: No big voter roll purge this year
    By TRAVIS FAIN, Daily Press