Redella Pepper

Redella Pepper was first elected to Alexandria City Council in 1985.


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$600 Pepper Del 7/15/2018 Reimbursement to Del Pepper
$1,491 Roepke Deb 10/15/2018 Reimbursement for printing (grip cards D&P) and postage
$3,000 Shew Janette 12/9/2018 Stipend for campaign support
$146 Tempo Restaurant 12/9/2018 Thank you brunch for campaign committee
$13,826 The Pivot Group 6/4/2018 Mailers mailing expense
$33,346 The Pivot Group 10/25/2018 2 Mailers for General Election Campaign includes postage
$14,028 The Pivot Group 5/23/2018 Promotional material development (mailers 1&2) and mailing services
$984 The Zebra Press LLC 10/22/2018 Print ads
$40 United Bank 6/12/2018 Fee for new checks