Meg Bohmke

Meg Bohmke has served on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors since 2014.


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$9,137 Targeted Creative Communications 11/8/2013 Campaign mailers
$4,100 Targeted Creative Communications 12/31/2015 Mail/Virginians for Susan Stimpson, HD 28
$3,458 Targeted Creative Communications 11/2/2017 Artwork, design and postage for mailer
$3,342 Targeted Creative Communications 10/23/2013 Artwork, Production costs and postage for mailer on Pro-Growth Belman
$3,015 Eric King 8/23/2013 Artwork and production of palm card and production and delivery costs of yard signs.
$2,990 Targeted Creative Communications 9/27/2013 Artwork, production costs and postage
$1,778 Fredericksburg Country Club 2/26/2016 Food and refreshments for the event
$1,193 BB and T Financial Institution 11/6/2017 Expenditure for yard signs. Yards signs production by Victory, 5200 30th St. SW, Davenpor
$1,000 Targeted Creative Communications 10/14/2015 Mail piece with Susan Stimpson.
$812 Campaign Graphics 8/26/2013 4' x 8' signs for campaign
$730 Hirons Scott 11/2/2013 Reimbursement to Scott for website and election day apparel.
$723 Mercantile/Foode Restaurant - Catering 4/6/2017 Food for event
$650 Targeted Creative Communications 10/9/2013 Reprint of bio piece for handout
$623 Bohmke David K. 1/13/2019 Nation Builder visa charge. Account reimbursement to David K. Bohmke for the months of June 1 2018
$600 Targeted Creative Communications 2/8/2016 Mardi Gras Invitation Design
$600 Church Hill Photography 7/24/2013 Photographer for photos
$600 Gari Melchers Home and Studio 2/22/2017 Rental of space for Fundraising event
$534 Bohmke David Kent 5/31/2018 Nation Builder visa charge. Account reimbursement to David K. Bohmke for the months of December 201
$534 Bohmke David K. 7/9/2019 Six months of Nation Builder account
$521 Bohmke David Kent 12/31/2016 Reimbursement for Visa payments for the monthly expense of Nation Builder software program. This ex