Lee Ware

Lee Ware has served in the House of Delegates since 1998 (HD65).
Represents constituents who live in previous HD65
Running for re-election in 2023 in HD72

Expenditures for Purpose Not Determined

All Years
Amount Vendor Date Description
$518 Ware, Lee 6/20/2003 Reimbursement: Expenses
$188 Bovenizer, David A 6/4/2002 Expense Reimbursement
$177 Bovenizer, David A 7/22/2002 Reimburse: Expenses
$126 Miyares, Jason 8/2/2002 Expense Reimbursement
$43 Bovenizer, David A 2/16/2002 Expenses
$16 Utt, Jeremy 3/3/2002 Reimburse: Expenses
$10 Utt, Jeremy 6/5/2002 Reimburse: Expenses