April DeMotts

April DeMotts has served on the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors since 2016.


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$315 Old Town Printing 7/27/2015 2,000 rack cards for door to door distribution
$295 Signspot 9/23/2015 Yard Signs
$237 Signspot 10/8/2015 4'X4' Sign2 sets of large car magnets
$118 Signspot 11/2/2015 Yard Signs for placement at polling locations
$92 Target 10/26/2015 Items for Halloween Campaign Event - included bags, candy, candy bowl, table cloth
$79 Signspot 10/27/2015 Large Halloween themed campaign sign
$50 Facebook, Inc 10/19/2015 Social Media Advertising
$26 Kems Restaurant 11/3/2015 Election Night Celebration - Appetizers/Drinks for volunteers
$26 McDonalds 11/3/2015 Breakfast/Coffee for poll volunteers
$15 Amelias 10/26/2015 Lunch after tour of new Montgomery County Sheriff's Office location