Bill Howell

Bill Howell was the Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates. He served in the legislature from 1988-2017.

Donors by Occupation: Energy, Natural Resources

All Years
Amount Industry
$826,363 Electric Utilities
$287,800 Coal Mining/Processing
$215,050 Natural Gas
$86,007 Service Stations/Convenience Stores
$64,500 Waste Disposal/Landfills
$32,000 Quarries/Non-Coal Mining
$21,500 Oil Companies/Refineries
$18,000 Nuclear Energy
$15,750 Water Resources
$14,000 Fuel Distributor/Home Heating Oil
$8,250 Energy Services/Independent Electric Producers
$4,500 Environmental Engineering/Services
$3,000 Recycling
$1,250 Miscellaneous Energy/Natural Resources
$1,000 Alternative Energy