Tamara Shewmake

Tamara Shewmake is running for Portsmouth City Council in 2020.
Party: Independent


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$6 ActBlue Virginia 8/24/2018 ActBlue Account fee for Online Service. Fee from LaMonte Banks donation
$4 ActBlue Virginia 8/26/2018 ActBlue account fee for online service. This fee was taken from Michael Kieschnick's donation.
$760 Spotlight Interactive Media 7/16/2018 Campaign Signs
$760 Spotlight Interactive Media 9/21/2018 Campaign Signs
$170 Christian Broadcasting Company 10/31/2018 Commercial Ad
$1,373 Tamara L. Shewmake for City Council 4/20/2020 Donation
$430 Martin Luther King Jr. Steering Committee 11/2/2018 Donation
$100 Patillo Angel 9/20/2018 Donation to I. C. Norcom Volleyball Team
$6 ActBlue Virginia 10/14/2018 Fee for service
$70 Chick-fil-A 11/6/2018 Food for Poll Workers
$238 Vistaprint Netherland BV 9/16/2020 Literature
$340 Spotlight Interactive Media LLC 6/5/2020 Signs
$645 Spotlight Interactive Media LLC 8/16/2020 Signs
$119 Vistaprint Netherland BV 8/1/2020 Small Door Hangers
$96 Vistaprint Netherland BV 8/25/2020 Small Door Hangers
$250 Churchland Little League 3/6/2018 Sponsorship for Churchland Little League
$250 Wilson Little League 4/19/2018 Sponsorship for Wilson Little League