Riley Ingram

Riley Ingram has served in the Virginia House of Delegates since 1992.

Expenditures for Travel/Meal Expenses

All Years
Amount Vendor Date Description
$570 Ingram, Riley 7/2/2019 Reimbursement on Marjority Caucus Retreat at the Homestead Resort
$551 American Express Co 6/9/2010 House Caucus Retreat
$543 American Express Co 6/6/2008 Republican Caucus Retreat
$485 Meriwether's at the Capitol 9/10/2010 Class Reunion Lunches
$413 Ingram, Riley 6/27/2011 Reimb for Republican Caucus Retreat Homestead
$379 Ingram, Riley 9/24/2008 Reimb on Burrowsville Bar Set Ups
$322 American Express Co 7/9/2007 The HomeStead/House Repb Caucus Retreat
$302 American Express Co 6/13/2006 HomeStead Retreat Balance Due
$297 Ingram, Riley 7/2/2012 Reimbursement on The Homestead - Republican Majority Caucus Retreat
$296 Ingram, Riley 10/7/2008 Reimb on Disputanta Ruritan Bar Set Ups
$293 Ingram, Riley 10/2/2006 Reimb on Burrowsville Ruritan Club Set-Ups
$276 Ingram, Riley 7/12/2018 Reimbursement on Majority Caucus Retreat Lodging
$271 American Express Co 4/14/2009 Speaker's/Caucus Retreat
$271 American Express Co 6/15/2009 HomeStead - Speaker's Retreat
$270 Ingram, Riley 6/5/2019 Reimbursement on Room Reservation/Homestead Majority Caucus Retreat
$269 Ingram, Riley 5/6/2011 Reimb on Homestead - Caucus Retreat
$217 American Express Co 6/7/2007 HOMESTEAD/Speaker's Retreat
$208 American Express Co 5/8/2006 HomeStead Retreat Deposit
$195 Omni Homestead Resort 4/13/2012 Annual House Majority Retreat
$121 Ingram, Riley 10/18/2005 Reimb on Peanuts and Prince George Ruritan Club Ba