Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb ran for Roanoke City Council in 2018.


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$463 Curry Copy 4/6/2018 Printing for palm cards
$353 Curry Copy 1/19/2018 printing for Women's March handbills
$350 Washburn Joan Baker 4/18/2018 coordination of fundraiser
$333 Curry Copy 2/1/2018 balance of inv #8909 for printing biz cards
$323 Curry Copy 4/13/2018 printing Harrison Museum invite
$300 Curry Copy 2/1/2018 printing 1000 Biz cards
$250 Sherman Lea for Mayor GOTV 4/30/2018 political contribution
$250 Washburn Joan Baker 4/10/2018 Planning coordinating for fund raising event
$225 Curry Copy 4/30/2018 printing flyers
$209 Democratic Party of Virginia 1/10/2018 Votebuilder software (The VAN)
$150 Bedwell Roy 5/15/2018 taking down yard signs
$150 Harrision Museum of African American Culture 4/18/2018 donation for reception space
$138 La' Cove Restaurant 4/19/2018 food for Harrison Museum reception
$115 Roanoke Parks and Recreation 1/10/2018 Facility rental
$105 Curry Copy 1/11/2018 printing palm cards
$105 Bedwell Roy 4/24/2018 putting up and taking down yard signs
$104 Cobb Joe 3/5/2020 close out account
$96 Constant Contact 1/15/2018 email (Joe paid for with his own money)
$89 Mad Dog Mail Inc 4/20/2018 2nd Mad Dog mailer processing fee (Joe paid with his own money)
$86 FaceBook 1/31/2018 FB Ads (Joe paid for with his own money)