Donald Roby

Donald Roby ran for Norfolk City Council in 2018.
Party: Independent


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$540 Vista Print 4/18/2018 Palm cards for poll workers
$235 I264 Web Design, LLC. 2/27/2018 Payment for professional photography
$201 Vista Print 3/21/2018 Purchase of Palm Cards for campaign
$181 Vista Print 2/26/2018 Purchase of palm cards
$174 Vista Print 4/26/2018 Campaign lit for election day
$150 Vista Print 10/30/2017 Campaign palm cards
$109 Vista Print 1/31/2018 Purchase of campaign palm cards
$100 Stoksburry John Robert 11/17/2017 Partial payment for campaign website
$100 Norfolk City Treasurer 5/24/2018 Fee payment for late filing
$97 Local Victory - Tools and Tips for Winning Elections 12/4/2017 Educational Campaign Material
$70 Office Max/Office Depot 3/15/2018 Cash withdraw to purchase campaign material, printing of invitations
$50 Azalea Inn 2/16/2018 Lunch with apprenticeship teachers and leaders
$40 Roby Donald Alvin 6/15/2018 Refund, made a $44.00 deposit into the wrong account. My political and business ATM cards look the
$40 Office Max/Office Depot 12/6/2017 Cash withdraw for printing services
$31 Home Depot 1/17/2018 Material for campaign signs
$31 Lin's Garden 12/14/2017 Meal for campaign team
$30 4/23/2018 Monthly payment for website hosting
$30 5/21/2018 Monthly payment for website hosting
$30 The Leadership Institute 10/23/2017 Education
$30 3/21/2018 Website site service fee