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Dalila Johnson

Dalila Johnson is running for York County Board of Supervisors in District 1.


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Amount Vendor Date Description
$267 VISTA PRINT a Cympress Company 7/4/2019 Campaign Advertising/Marketing
$245 8/25/2019 Yard Signs By by Debit Card I was not able to pay with a check.
$105 United States Postal Service 10/22/2019 Stamps
$83 Network Nova store The Blue Deal LLC 9/6/2019 Postcards
$59 Dalila Johnson L 11/7/2019 Nation Builder Website
$32 United States Postal Service 6/17/2019 United States Postal Service
$20 AAUWGR 11/9/2019 Marketing and Display
$8 Dalila Johnson L 10/8/2019 Website pro-rated month