Kate Ferris

Kate West Ferris is running for New Kent County Board of Supervisors in 2019.
Party: Independent


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$39 Staples Inc 10/3/2019 Color fliers
$10 Paone Lauren 10/1/2019 Custom t-shirt graphic
$50 Jennifer Davis 9/18/2019 Graphic design work for campaign logo
$43 US Post Office 10/31/2019 Postage for post cards and letters
$56 US Post Office 10/28/2019 Postage for postcards and letters
$7 US Post Office 10/10/2019 Postcard stamps
$126 Hardinge Gail 11/26/2019 Reimburse for custom t-shirts
$125 Patriot's Landing HOA 7/26/2019 Rental of Patriot's Landing Clubhouse for September 21 2019
$19 Kate Ferris 1/8/2020 Repayment of funds used to pay poll workers/sign twirlers on campaign day.