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John D Moss

John Moss has served on the Virginia Beach City Council since 2011.
Party: Independent


Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$5,332 COX Media 10/8/2018 cable TV ads
$3,443 Chix Seaside Grille 11/22/2018 catered food at political event
$3,000 Bartholomew David 12/14/2018 Campaign Consulting services
$2,503 Sinclair Communications 10/11/2018 radio ads
$2,000 Byler and Sampson P.C. 12/11/2018 legal services for recount
$1,778 COX Media 11/29/2018 television spots on COX and FIOS cable selected channels
$1,762 Virginian Pilot 10/29/2018 Beacon Ad for the Sunday prior to the Election
$1,643 Precision Signs 8/16/2018 500 yard signs500 yard sign wires3x8 banner
$1,590 Rose Norvell 11/4/2018 TV ad production
$1,289 Precision Signs 10/3/2018 yard signs and site signs
$1,022 Sinclair Communications 11/29/2018 radio ads on selected Sinclair radio stations
$778 Allegra Image 360 7/2/2018 5000 Palm Cards
$577 Tractor Supply Company 10/4/2018 50 poles for sign placement
$456 MSP Design Group 8/24/2018 60 T-shirts various sizes solid blue with white message lettering
$450 Cape Henry Rotary Foundation 9/20/2018 Cape Henry Rotary Foundation event - bronze sponsorship
$385 Tidewater Hispanic News 9/22/2018 news paper ad to run three times in the month of October
$250 Cape Henry Shores Civic League 11/3/2018 five tickets to the Cape Henry Shores Civic League Oyster Fest for campaign workers to work the the
$207 House of Printing 11/6/2018 sample ballots
$200 Tazz Anderson Enterprises 10/17/2018 U-Tube video production
$79 VISTA Print 9/4/2018 business cards