Roxann Robinson

Roxann Robinson has served in the House of Delegates since 2010 (HD27).
Represents constituents who live in previous HD27

Expenditures for Community Goodwill

All Years
Amount Vendor Date Description
$1,500 Chesterfield County Fair Assn Inc 5/4/2016 Advertising
$1,500 Chesterfield County Fair Assn Inc 3/12/2015 2015 Chesterfield County Fair Program Ad
$1,200 Chesterfield County Fair Assn Inc 3/18/2013 Ad for 2013 Chesterfield County Fair
$1,200 Chesterfield County Fair Assn Inc 6/19/2014 Chesterfield County Fiar advertisements
$500 Joseph P Johnson Jr Scholarship 10/28/2013 Donation to the Joseph P. Johnson, Jr. Scholarship fund at Emory & Henry College in honor of Delegat
$500 Surreywood Swim Team 5/29/2018 Advertising
$498 Henderson Printing 2/10/2015 3000 Color Certificates of Academic Excellence
$495 Va Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 4/25/2013 Table at Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Que Pasa Festival
$400 Surreywood Swim Team 5/28/2019 Advertising
$350 Philipkowsky, Eric Joseph 1/4/2013 Reimburse: Tickets to Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast
$300 Va Public Access Project 8/18/2014 Contribution
$300 Va Public Access Project 12/20/2016 Political contribution
$300 Va Public Access Project 6/14/2011 Contribution
$300 Va Public Access Project 7/16/2015 Virginia Public Access Project Sponsorship
$300 Chesterfield Little League 4/25/2018 Advertising
$300 Va Public Access Project 10/19/2012 Sponsorship of VPAP
$300 Va Public Access Project 7/30/2013 Membership in the VPAP Sunshine Caucus
$300 Va Public Access Project 8/9/2018 Advertising
$270 Clover Hill High School 7/31/2017 Advertising
$263 Cross Creek Nursery 11/11/2018 Constituent services