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Douglas D Wright

Douglas D. Wright sought the Republican nomination for US House of Representatives District 6 in June 2018.

2018 US Representative - District 6 - Regular Primary

Candidate Spent Votes Percentage
Cline, Ben (R) Winner $308,187 None 52.62%
Desjadon, Mike (R) $57,074 None 1.19%
Dunbar, Cynthia (R) $141,183 None 36.30%
Haywood, Chaz (R) $81,076 None 0.06%
Justo, Ed (R) - None 0.51%
Lewis, Kathryn E (R) $5,735 None 0.25%
Pope, Elliot (R) $17,115 None 2.59%
Wright, Douglas D (R) $48,571 None 3.63%
Park, Chan (Withdrew from Race) - None -

Note: The totals on this page may be less than a candidate's statewide totals due to invalid zip codes listed for some Virginia donors.