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Blaine Dunn

He has served on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors since 2016.

2020 US Senator - Regular Primary

Candidate Spent Votes Percentage
Gade, Daniel (R) Winner $757,797 208,495 67.40%
Baldwin, Alissa (R) $3,530 56,106 18.14%
Speciale, Thomas (R) $62,941 44,757 14.47%
Adkins, Gary (Withdrew from Race) $13,939 None -
Dunn, Blaine (Failed to Qualify for Ballot) - None -
Faulkner, Omari (Failed to Qualify for Ballot) $252,778 None -
Taylor, Scott (Sought Other Office) $645,296 None -
Williams, Victor (Failed to Qualify for Ballot) $407,578 None -

Note: The totals on this page may be less than a candidate's statewide totals due to invalid zip codes listed for some Virginia donors.