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Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$1,950,000* Appalachian Power Co
$1,425 Wright, Stacey JA
$1,396 Miller, Mark A
$1,195 Mark, Miller
$1,185 Freeman, Keith A
$900 Shelton, Edwin H
$878 Butler, Gregory M
$863 Harvey, Richard H
$839 Edwards, David C
$795 Elswick, Elmer C
$684 James, Adams C
$637 McConaghy, Thomas
$530 Garrett, James D
$485 Vaught, Daryl W
$444 Smith, Caleb B
$434 Fansler, Avery D
$419 O'Connor, Patrick JO
$413 Lecik, Brian D
$413 Hess, Jeffrey A
$392 Lampkin, Marcus B
$360 Morris, David W
$360 Tunnell, Ricky A
$340 Edwards, David C
$302 Andrew, Arndt
$300 Lusk, Jody A

*Includes donations — either transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate or from from so-called 527 groups — that may have been excluded from aggregated totals at the top of this page and on previous pages.