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Foundation 2002

Foundation 2002 was a political committee set up to win passage of a $900 million bond referendum in support of higher education and state parks. Virginia voters approved the measure.

This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2002


All Years
Amount Service
$1,543,894 TV/Radio
$920,664 Mail/Printing/Postage
$266,119 Staff/Consultants
$157,681 Phones/Internet Access
$86,791 Purpose Not Determined
$51,504 Signs/Bumper Stickers
$29,915 Polling/Robo Calls
$7,919 Events/Catering
$2,400 Office Rent/Utilities
$2,061 Office Supplies
$1,526 Travel/Meal Expenses
$1,128 Legal/Accounting/Bank Fees
$450 Misc. Office Expenses
$263 Misc. Campaigning
$250 Community Goodwill