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Stewart for Prince William County Board Chair - Corey


This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2020

Stewart for Prince William County Board Chair - Corey: Committee

Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$1,000 AAA Pediatrics Inc
$1,000 Adil Investments LLC
$300 Ahmad, Ali M
$670 Ahmad, Sandy L
$1,200 Ahmed, Badar
$250 Ahmed, K Nadeem
$1,550 Ahmed, Rafi Uddin
$800 Ahmed, Sharif M
$1,500 Airston Group
$500 AJ Traders Inc
$500 Akbar, Mohammad
$500 Akhtar, Hanif M
$5,000 Aksoylu, Ahmet B
$500 Albo, Dave
$250 Alborn, Alan P
$2,500 Albrite, Cleil W Jr
$1,000 Albrite, Skip
$250 Ali, Mohammed
$500 All Tube And Lube Woodbridge
$2,000 American Auto Salvage Inc
$30,000 American Disposal Services
$1,000 American Target Advertising Inc
$250 Anderson, Robert Burns III
$100 Andrews, Thomas
$500 Apartment & Office Building Assn