Leadership Development PAC

Vinton Del. Dick Cranwell set up this PAC after he announced in the summer of 2001 that he would retire. Cranwell closed the PAC within a year.

This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2001

Finance Summary

All Years
From through
Filing Period:

$0 Starting Balance on May 31, 2001

Count Receipt Type of Receipt
- $750 Cash Contributions More than $100
- $0 Cash Contributions of $100 or Less
$178,138 Transfers in from other Committees Controlled by this Candidate
- $0 In-Kind Contributions More than $100
- $0 In-Kind Contributions of $100 or Less
$0 Loans Received
$0 Miscellaneous Receipts
$178,888 Receipts 5/31/2001-9/30/2001
Expense Type of Expense
$177,044 Itemized Expenses
$0 In-Kind Expenses
$0 Loans Repaid
$0 Surplus Funds
$177,044 Expenses 5/31/2001-9/30/2001

$1,844 Ending Balance on Sept. 30, 2001

METHODOLOGY: Information on this page is derived from campaign finance reports filed by Leadership Development PAC