Democratic Party of Virginia

The Democratic Party of Virginia raises money for party-building operations to candidates running for the General Assembly and statewide office.

Donors by Occupation: Miscellaneous Financial Services

All Years
Amount Donor
$15,000 Invesco Retirement & Benefit Services Inc
$2,500 Goodman Gable Gould Co
$2,000 Reston Investments
$1,000 Robert Voogt & Associates Inc
$1,000 Beyer, John Carl
$500 Pragmatic Solutions INC
$400 McDonnell, Claire
$400 Buc, Lawrence
$400 Swislow, Daniel
$250 Miller, David
$250 Rifkind, Rachel
$250 Ashin, Paul
$250 Knell, Steven
$250 Herzog, Timothy
$200 Lowrey, Barbara R
$175 Great America Leasing Corp
$125 Lomellin, Carmen
$17 Bloom, Erik