Woodbury for Newport News City Council - Pat

Party: Independent


Expenditure information for 2014 and later.

Amount Vendor Date Description
$65 Denbigh Kiwanis Club 8/21/2019 Ad in Denbigh Day Parade flyer
$65 Denbigh Kiwanis Club 8/22/2018 Ad in Denbigh Day Parade Program
$40 Tidewater German American Society 9/10/2018 Ad in Society Program
$281 LOOK-SIGNS & GRAPHICS 3/28/2020 Balance due to Look-Signs of Goucester VA for signs itemized in credit card purchase by Patricia Woo
$500 CALL LOU E. 7/14/2020 Bonus for outstanding performance as the Campaign Manager
$110 GOODE DALE R. 5/22/2020 BOOSTED" Pat Woodbury's FACEBOOK page with articles featuring Pat's accomplishments in the past and
$100 Pogge Brenda 12/27/2018 Donation to Brenda Pogge for Delegate fund raiser.
$100 Cordasco Heather 7/30/2019 Donation to Friends of Heather Cordasco
$50 Wagner Frank 12/5/2018 Donation to Friends of State Sen. Frank Wagner
$25 Norment Tommy 12/27/2018 Donation to Friends of Tommy Norment pancake breafast
$100 Anderson Gary 10/15/2019 Donation to Gary Anderson For Clerk
$100 Green Chad 9/26/2019 Donation to the Friends of Chad Green
$150 Glenn Youngkin For Governor 7/13/2021 DONATION TO YOUNGKIN FOR GOVERNOR CAMPAIGN
$100 Soundscapes 12/4/2018 Donation to Youth Intervention Organization
$45 City of Newport News 10/18/2018 Green Foundation Fund Raiser Ticket
$665 Jeff Johnson Agency 3/16/2020 Liability Insurance for Campaign Headquarters
$250 Lincoln-Reagan Gala: C/O Ms. Lou Call 12/5/2018 Lincoln-Reagan Gala Sponsorship
$40 Batten Amanda 1/10/2020 Lou Call Pat's campaign manager to attend fund raiser for Friends of Amanda Batten
$70 Virginia Living Museum 2/7/2020 Lou Call Pat's campaign manager to attend with Pat a Meet and Greet" opportunity at Virginia Living
$40 Batten Amanda 1/5/2020 Pat to attend a fund raiser for Friends of Amanda Batten