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Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$75,000 Abramson, Ronald D
$25,000 American Federation of Teachers
$25,000 Sheet Metal Workers' Intl Associates
$20,000 Fried, Barbara J
$20,000 United Food & Commercial Workers
$10,000 Craig, Frances B
$10,000 Jecklin, Ivan P
$10,000 Little, Christopher Mark
$10,000 Matthews, Suzann W
$10,000 Moore, Jacques J III
$10,000* One Commonwealth PAC
$10,000 Rice, Edward Hart
$10,000 Ryan, Louis Farthing
$9,000 Seeger, Christopher
$7,500 Herman, John
$6,000 Hixon, James Andrew
$5,000 Andrews, John Albert II
$5,000 Biro, Ross A
$5,000 Cable, Jerald D
$5,000 Ceriale, John V
$5,000 Clarke, Richard A
$5,000 Daniel, Joseph R
$5,000 Goode, David R
$5,000 Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate
$5,000 Hirst, Thomson M

*Includes donations — either transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate or from from so-called 527 groups — that may have been excluded from aggregated totals at the top of this page and on previous pages.