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Restoration Fund

The Restoration Fund is a 527 committee to collect funds to help pay for Governor McDonnell's legal expenses.


Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$200 Morse, Lowell W
$200 Nelson, Gary
$200 Parker, Marie E
$200 Peverell, Russell E
$200 Pham, T M
$200 Piscitelli, John A
$200 Reynolds, Jerry D
$200 Rhode, Robert
$200 Rose, Neil L
$200 Russell, Anne
$200 Schwarz, Thelma C
$200 Shaw, Michael H
$200 Stepnick, Arlene A
$200 Thesz, Charlie C
$200 Tyler, James Alfred Jr
$200 White, Wendell A
$100 Henley, Robert Eldridge Jr
$100 White, Wendell A
$50 Pruitt, William A
$50 Schultz, Arthur V Jr