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Restoration Fund

The Restoration Fund is a 527 committee to collect funds to help pay for Governor McDonnell's legal expenses.


Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$500 Branch, Linwood O III
$750 Bryant, Harvey Lee III
$200 Burnell, Rickard E
$450 Burnley, Robert Garry
$500 Byler, Gary
$200 Carlson, Michael
$3,000 Cassaday, Stephan Quinn
$1,000 C & E Properties LLC
$500 Chalmers, Norman W
$500 Chamberlain, Thomas
$2,000 Chapman, James Long IV
$3,500 Chapman, James L IV
$15,000 Cheng, James S
$3,000 Cheng, Richard
$500 Coastal Va Building Industry Assn
$200 Colgan, Catherine Carpenter
$7,500 Colgate, Curtis Dixon
$250 Collier, Jerry
$500 Corey, John E
$200 Creech, Barbara T
$750 Creech, Scot Nye
$1,000 Custom Structures Inc
$2,000 Daughtery, Thomas Nancy
$500 Davis, Glenn
$2,500 Davis, Jeannemarie