Hirschmann for Harrisonburg City Council- George

Party: Independent

Hirschmann for Harrisonburg City Council- George: Committee


Expenditure information for 2014 and later.

Amount Vendor Date Description
$391 Popeyes 9/16/2016 Catered food for Fund raising-George Hirshmann Campaign, hosted by Rodney Eagle- 9/29/16
$300 Stott Patrick 11/16/2016 Compensation payment for duties performed as Campaign worker
$150 Blevins Wyatt na 11/18/2020 Fee for Campaign Team participation
$131 Rockingham Cooperative 9/24/2020 Poles for campaign signs
$126 Campbell Print Center 7/26/2016 Cards, depicts George Hirschmann information, i.e. POC, email, Website, a couple of bullet points ab
$118 Madison Print Service 10/27/2020 Campaign Printing Services for banners
$101 Campbell Print Center 10/3/2016 Printed additional Cards- revisions. 500 count
$100 The George Hirschmann Campaign 9/29/2016 Withdrawal cash amount of $100.00. To be used as a kitty. To have available change for cash contribu
$100 Neff Jacob 11/16/2016 Compensation payment for duties performed as Campaign worker
$100 Youtsey Chloe 9/29/2016 Pianist - background music during the George Hirschmann fund raising campaign
$95 Costco Wholesale 9/28/2016 Refreshments, cutley, plates for fund raiser -hosted by Rodney Eagle for George Hirshmann Campaign -
$95 Rockingham Publishing Co Inc 11/3/2016 Setup charge for Newspaper advertising, account # 1709663, ad # 1186599
$86 James Madison University Copy Center 11/7/2016 Prints, 4x4 size handouts, picture/message specifically for James Madison University Students on Ele
$70 The Citizen 10/14/2020 Ad posted in Citizen Newspaper
$54 Weebly, Inc 7/27/2016 Weebly Starter plan. Weebly website. To create a basic website for George Hirschmann Campaign. Allow
$53 Harrisonburg Postal office 10/2/2020 6 month U.S. Post Office Service fee for P.O Box. Used to receive mail for Hirschmann Campaign
$53 Postal office Postal office 5/7/2020 P.O Box rental (box number 1611) start date 05/07/20 - next renewal date 10/31/20 used to receive Ca
$53 Martins Grocery Martins Grocery 7/6/2016 Plastic Cutlery (forks, Knives), Fruit Tray, Veggie Tray, Plastic cups, Bowls, Dip. For Committee me
$51 US Postal Service US Postal Service 7/11/2016 PO Box rental fee- 6 month, Box zip code 22803, rental fee dates: 07/11/2016-12/31/2016
$51 US Postal Service US Postal Service 12/13/2016 renewal fee for George Hirschmann Campaign PO BOX- 6 months Dec'16-May'17