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Randall for Senate - Willie


This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2019

Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$73,861 Randall, Willie
$5,000 Whitfield, Linda
$2,545* Randall for Delegate - Willie
$1,000 Saffold, Scott
$1,000 Wood, Claude
$750 Ridout, Daniel Lyman III
$600 Land, Laurence K
$500 Castro Webber, Stephanie
$500 Fritz, Jeanette
$500 Lomax, Tanya
$300 Win Virginia
$250 Bell, Wayne Jr
$250 Doughty Funeral Home INC
$250 Gray's Funeral Home
$250 Johnson, Edith
$250 Johnson, Tywanda G
$250 Mitchell, Freddy
$250 O'Brien, James
$250 People Power Virginia
$250 Roberts, Leander S S Jr
$250 Terry, Joyce
$250 Terry, Onuwa D
$250 Total Balance Rehabilitation
$250 Ward, Michael
$250 Wilson, Veasey

*Includes donations — either transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate or from from so-called 527 groups — that may have been excluded from aggregated totals at the top of this page and on previous pages.