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Palchik for Fairfax County Supervisor - Dalia



Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$39,450* Palchik for Fairfax County School Board - Dalia
$30,000 Jefferson Village Assn LP
$5,250 Bochner, Richard James
$5,000 Forte, Vincent J
$5,000 GBA Associates LP
$5,000 Georgelas, Alison
$3,670 Gourmet Catering
$3,000 Main Street Va PAC
$2,500 Citizens for a Better Tomorrow
$2,500 Clemente, Juliann J
$2,500 Georgelas, Aaron J
$2,070 Finn Pena, Charles
$2,050 Jameson, Paul Wright
$2,000 Ayars, Evan
$2,000 SEIU Committee on Political Education
$1,750 Graham, Bryan W
$1,750 Northern Virginia Assn of Realtors
$1,500 Beyer, John Carl
$1,500 Firefighters - Local 2068
$1,500 Nova Building Industry Assn
$1,500 Suh, Won
$1,384 CASA in Action
$1,250 Filler-Corn for Delegate - Eileen
$1,250 Haley, Robert Jack
$1,200 Democratic Party - Fairfax County

*Includes donations — either transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate or from from so-called 527 groups — that may have been excluded from aggregated totals at the top of this page and on previous pages.