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Lobbying Event Detail

Host:Va Chamber of Commerce
Location:Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond
Date(s):Sept. 25, 2018
Description:2018 Virginia Workforce Conference
Total Cost of Event: $76,178
Portion of Cost to Entertain Officials:$704#
Number of People Attending:866
Cost Per Person: Not Provided*
Number of Officials Attending:8

Notes: The 2018 Virginia Workforce Conference is a policy driven event that focused on the theme of creating connections to Virginia’s business community. The purpose of this event was to bring together leading educators, employers, human resource manager, veteran groups, policy makes, and members of the Department of Veteran Services to explore solutions to creating an easier pathway between the workforce and employers. Panel topics for this event included: Connecting K-12 and Employers to Prepare our Workforce for the Future - Working together to prepare and connect Virginia’s students to jobs and Career Connections for Virginia’s Military Community – Streamlining the Process - How companies are leveraging and connecting Virginia’s military communities to careers.

Executive/Legislative Officials Listed:

* Disclosure forms do not require clients to state clearly the average cost per person. Calculating the average cost per person may not be as simple as dividing the total cost by the number of people attending. Because the forms and instructions are unclear, the amount listed can represent either the total cost of the event, the amount spent on only the officials who attended or the average cost per person.

# "Portion of Cost to Entertain Officials" was calculated based on this formula: (average cost per person x the number of executive or legislative officials present)

Why did VPAP recalculate the cost of this event?

METHODOLOGY: Va Chamber of Commerce reported the items shown on required personal financial disclosures, known as Statement of Economic Interests.