Lobbying Event Detail

Host:Va Chamber of Commerce
Location:Omni Hotel - Richmond, Richmond
Date(s):Jan. 23, 2020
Description:Old Dominion Assembly
Total Cost of Event: $32,871
Portion of Cost to Entertain Officials:$2,514#
Number of People Attending:510
Cost Per Person: $64
Number of Officials Attending:39

Notes: A networking/discussion-based event that provided an opportunity for local chamber members, members of the business community, members of the General Assembly, members of the education community, state agency leaders, and members of the Governor’s admini

Executive/Legislative Officials Listed:

# "Portion of Cost to Entertain Officials" was calculated based on this formula: (average cost per person x the number of executive or legislative officials present)

Why did VPAP recalculate the cost of this event?

METHODOLOGY: Va Chamber of Commerce reported the items shown on required personal financial disclosures, known as Statement of Economic Interests.