Lobbyists Employed

  • Mace, Josie Rose

    4914 Radford Ave
    Suite 206
    Richmond, VA 23230


    Registered: 11/29/2017
    Matters: Criminal justice reform, economic opportunity, health care access, and environmental justice.
    Job title: Policy Associate

  • Nguyen, Tram V

    3801 Mount Vernon Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22305


    Registered: 11/10/2017
    Matters: Voting and election administration, rights restoration, redistricting, health care access, public education and higher education.
    Job title: Co-Executive Director

  • Williams, Aquantis

    3801 Mount Vernon Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22305


    Registered: 11/30/2017
    Matters: -Opportunities for Immigrant Families-Criminal Justice Reform -Expanding Access to Voting -Public Education & Access to Higher Education -Economic Opportunity -Environmental/Climate Justice -Healthcare
    Job title: Policy Director

Matters: Opportunities for Immigrant Families, Criminal Justice Reform, Expanding Access to Voting, Public Education & Access to Higher Education, Economic Opportunity, Environmental/Climate Justice, Healthcare

Principal contact for New Va Majority:

  • Jonathan L Liss
    3801 Mount Vernon Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22305


Information on this page comes from public documents on file with the office of the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council.