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Va Loggers Assn: Lobbying Client
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Lobbyists Employed

  • Jenkins, Ronald Stuart

    5251 Tavern Ln
    Goochland, VA 23063


    Registered: 5/26/2020
    Matters: Virginia Loggers Association(VLA) is a 501 C 6 trade organization. Purposes include representation of the forest harvesting (logging) sector of forest products industry. VLA also represents the interests of sawmills and pulp & paper mills. VLA works with Virginia elected repesentatives to create and support legislation helpful to members. VLA opposes and supports bills impacting small family owned businesses. VLA also represents members and the industry at local functions on ordinances and rules that help or harm the industry. VLA participates with the American Loggers Association in educating our congressional representatives on important issues reguiring federal actions.VLA is most active on the state level following each General Assembly session, educating our lawmakers and seeking to educate them about our industry. Members engage their elected representatives for their support. VLA also focuses on safety and training for its members and the industry. VLA conducts and
    Arrangement: Employed
    Job title: Executive Director

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