Lobbyists Employed

  • Cannon, Brian Ross

    1100 West Clay Street
    Suite A
    Richmond, VA 23220


    Registered: 1/7/2020
    Matters: redistricting reform
    Job title: Executive Director

Lobbyists Retained

  • Benedetti, Matthew N
    Firm: Matt Benedetti & Associates

    PO Box 36751
    N Chesterfield, VA 23235


    Registered: 6/6/2019
    Firm: Matt Benedetti & Associates
    Matters: Constitutional amendment creating an Independent Redistricting Commission

  • Futrell, Michael

    3169 Tulip Tree Pl
    Dumfries, VA 22026


    Registered: 1/29/2020
    Matters: Non partisan redistricting

  • Thompson, Phillip Eugene

    15 East Market Street
    Suite 531
    Leesburg, VA 20178


    Registered: 1/17/2020
    Matters: OneVirginia2021 is an American civic non-profit organization founded to advocate for a non-partisan redistricting of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The group was founded in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2013 and is currently based in Richmond, Virginia. Phillip E. Thompson will be lobbying the General Assembly and Virginia State Government on behalf of OneVirginia2021.

  • Turpin, James S

    4500 S Four Mile Run Dr
    APT 1103
    Arlington, VA 22204


    Registered: 5/22/2019
    Matters: Legislation and Constitutional Amendments impacting redistricting in Virginia.

  • Wesolowski, Michelle Kimmelman
    Firm: Dogtowne Consulting

    212 W 7th St
    Apt 138
    Richmond, VA 23224


    Registered: 1/2/2020
    Firm: Dogtowne Consulting
    Matters: Process and requirements for drawing of district lines after the census

Entertainment Expenses $0
Gift Expenses $0
Communication Expenses $49,207
Personal Expenses $10,221
Brian Ross Cannon
James S Turpin
Matt Benedetti & Associates
Phillip Eugene Thompson and 1 other
Dogtowne Consulting
Phillip Eugene Thompson and 1 other
Honoraria Expenses $0
2/15/2020: Blue Virginia Gala
1/8/2020: Parking for session
6/6/2019: Lobbyist registration
12/17/2018: Lobbyist In A Box
Total Expenses $292,410

Matters: Legislation and Constitutional Amendments impacting redistricting in Virginia.

2019-2020 contact information for OneVirginia 2021:

  • Linda G Perriello
    PO Box 15
    Ivy, VA 22945


Information on this page comes from public documents on file with the office of the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council.