National Healthcareer Assn

Lobbying Client

Lobbyists Retained

  • Hutcheson, Kenneth G
    Firm: Old Dominion Public Affairs

    17 Charnwood Rd
    Henrico, VA 23229


    Registered: 1/15/2020
    Firm: Old Dominion Public Affairs
    Matters: HB1304 & SB830

2020 Regular Session; 2020 Special Session I
Entertainment Expenses $0
Gift Expenses $0
Communication Expenses $0
Personal Expenses $0
Old Dominion Public Affairs
Honoraria Expenses $0
1/15/2020: Lobbyist Registration Fee
Total Expenses $3,100

Matters: HB1304 & SB830

Principal contact for National Healthcareer Assn:

  • Jeffrey A. Hartgen
    515 King St
    Ste 300
    Alexandria, VA 22314


Information on this page comes from public documents on file with the office of the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council.