Monica Dafney Sarmiento

Monica Dafney Sarmiento is affiliated with the following clients:

  • Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights

    Registered: 3/5/2021

    Matters: HB 2163 (Tran) Privacy protections for driver’s license and driver privilege cards? HB1889 (Price), HB1900 (Hudson), HB1981 (Carr), HB2014 (Price), HB2161 (Tran), SB1215 (Ebbin),SB1410 (Bell), and budget amendments Eviction prevention and rent relief assistance? HB 2123 (Lopez), SB 1387 (Boysko, Hashmi) Removing immigration-related barriers to state financialaid to public and private colleges and universities

    Arrangement: Employed

    Executive Director

Contact Information

PO Box 8042
Alexandria, VA 22306


Current as of March 10, 2021