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  • Clean Virginia Fund

    Registered: 8/15/2019

    Matters: Clean Virginia is an independent advocacy organization with an associated Political Action Committee, Clean Virginia Fund. Clean Virginia works to fight corruption in Virginia politics in order to promote clean energy, a robust, competitive economy and community control over our energy policy. We are motivated by the core belief that our democracy should serve the interests of average Virginian over special interests. Clean Virginia is working towards these goals in three ways: Public Information: Virginians have been kept in the dark about how Richmond operates and how Dominion and Appalachian Power dictate our energy policy. We engage the public through media, civic organizing, and original research to shine a light on the cost of this corruption in jobs, dollars, and health. Legislative Resources: We provide fair and accurate legislative analysis on energy policy to our lawmakers to counterbalance the misleading and self-interested information provided by monopoly utility lobbyists.

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    Executive Director

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407 Monticello Rd
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Current as of Oct. 2, 2019