John K Putney

John K Putney is affiliated with the following clients:

  • City of Bluefield

    Registered: 1/26/2006

    Matters: Matters related to Sanitation Board of Bluefield, WV

    Arrangement: Retained

  • Georgia-Pacific Corp

    Registered: 2/24/2006

    Matters: Matters concerning Georgia Pacific

    Arrangement: Retained

  • M/A Com-Tyco Electronics

    Registered: 1/18/2006

    Matters: Matters concerning M/A-Com

    Arrangement: Retained

  • Northrop Grumman

    Registered: 8/1/2005

    Matters: Funding to Virginia advanced shipbuilding and carrier integration center; Matters relating to VASCIC, Health Care, Workers' Comp, Unemployment Comp.

    Arrangement: Retained

  • Verizon

    Registered: 8/23/2005

    Matters: Matters concerning Verizon Services Corp.

    Arrangement: Retained

John K Putney is affiliated with the following firms:

Contact Information

901 E Cary St
1 James Ctr
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 775-1920

Current as of Nov. 30, 2006