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  • Legal Reform for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled

    Registered: 1/19/2022

    Matters: Lobbying the legislature and the executive branch for reforms to the criminal legal system and pardon process including education, de-escalation, and diversion when behavior due to developmental disabilities is criminalized in the criminal legal system, for legislation and executive branch policies and rules that ensure appropriate accommodations are provided to the developmentally disabled at every stage of the criminal legal process in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and for the amendment to the constitution that would require a specific court finding that someone is unable to understand voting before the right to vote can be denied. Lobbying against legislation and executive branch policies and practices that criminalize behavior due to developmental disabilities or result in adverse treatment of the developmentally disabled in court, in prison/jail, or in the pardon or parole processes.

    Arrangement: Not Compensated

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