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1,288 Donors Gave $1,802,960

Amount Donor
$167,500 PBM Products LLC (Gordonsville)
$75,000 Gordonsville Realty Investment (Gordonsville)
$73,819 Porter, John Ridgely III (Orange)
$61,000 Gibson, David E (Somerset)
$50,180 Nelson, Robert H (Locust Grove)
$39,700 Miller, Nancy (Gordonsville)
$34,542 Bay Armoury LLC (Locust Grove)
$29,650 Jaske, John B (Rapidan)
$28,636 Carter, Henry Lee (Orange)
$25,613 Village at Gordon House (Gordonsville)
$25,600 Britt, Timothy (Newport Beach, CA)
$25,024 Seilheimer, Charles H Jr (Orange)
$25,000 Poulson, Richard (Orange)
$20,500 Clark, Marguerite J (Culpeper)
$19,700 Susan Allen Republican Women's Club (Locust Grove)
$17,256 Democratic Party - Orange County (Orange)
$16,175 Miller Firm LLC (Orange)
$15,597 Kline, Patricia O (Locust Grove)
$15,375 Jerry Van Hoven Battlefield Farms (Rapidan)
$15,270 Orange County Citizens Committee (Orange)

METHODOLOGY: In calculating top donors, VPAP excludes certain receipts. These exclusions are: i) transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate; ii) corporate donations from a company to its PAC; and iii) contributions made to 527 committees. For this reason, dollar totals on this page will be lower than the total displayed on a specific donor’s profile page.